Healthcare Contract Staffing Solutions

Temporary or contract-to-permanent staffing solutions to ensure workforce optimization for short-term assignments, seasonal demands, or specialized projects tailored to the dynamic requirements of the healthcare industry.

Contract staffing positions can range from short-term assignments to long-term contracts. The agency acts as the employer, providing benefits, payroll services, and other administrative functions for the contracted staff. In contrast, contingency recruiting services focus on filling permanent positions for healthcare facilities. With contingency recruiting, the agency is only compensated if a successful placement is made, typically receiving a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary. Contract staffing offers healthcare facilities flexibility in managing their workforce and filling temporary gaps, while contingency recruiting aims to find long-term, permanent candidates for specific roles within the organization.

Contract staffing in healthcare markets is well-suited for various roles that require temporary or flexible staffing solutions.

These roles often experience fluctuations in demand or require specialized skills for short-term projects, making them ideal candidates for contract staffing arrangements. Healthcare facilities can benefit from contract staffing by quickly filling temporary gaps in their workforce, managing seasonal fluctuations, or addressing specific project needs without committing to permanent hires.

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