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Locating the ideal candidate can be quite challenging, particularly for high-level positions that demand extraordinary skills. Although engaging a recruiting agency can be extremely beneficial, it's important to select the right framework.

What Is A Retained Search?
Retained search, often referred to as executive search or retained recruitment, is a customized and dedicated hiring approach frequently utilized by enterprises and institutions aiming to fill executive-level positions or specialized vacancies. The name comes from the concept of a “retainer,” which refers to the initial fee paid to the executive search agency to secure its exclusive services throughout the entire recruitment cycle.
During a retained search, the company collaborates intensively with its clients to identify their specific requirements including the desired competencies, geographic preference, and compensation for the ideal candidate. 
What Sets Apart Retained Search from Contingent Search?
The contingency hiring process, or contingent search method, entails a recruitment agency being compensated with the predetermined search charges only after a candidate has been successfully employed by the organization.
Contingent search firms, as opposed to retained search agencies, generally handle several clients simultaneously. Since their compensation is tied to the results they deliver, these firms tend to operate swiftly to identify possible candidates for their clients, despite the candidates not always being the ideal match for the position.
This recruitment approach allows businesses to reduce expenditures since it eliminates any initial costs. Furthermore, companies are not obligated to engage exclusively with one firm, permitting them to employ various recruitment agencies at the same time to seek new talent.
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HirePerfect is deeply embedded in the Biotech and Life Sciences industries. Our familiarity with the intricacies of these fields empowers us to tailor our strategies to meet the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of your business.

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